CeAid (C. elegans Application for inputting data)

Assays performed on model organisms, including C. elegans, often require a large sample size and daily recording of data. To minimize the amount of time that the experimenter spends logging data, we developed CeAid (C. elegans Application for inputting data) to automate the data entry process [1]. Implementing features such as voice command, swiping, and tap gestures, CeAid does not require the user to shift focus to the pen and paper throughout the assay; all that is needed is a standard smart phone. The most recent version of CeAid can log conventional C. elegans assays such as life span, reproductive span, brood size, and choice assays. The source code, along with the APK file, are available here.



[1] Sohrabi, S., & Murphy, C. T. (2021). CeAid: A smartphone application for logging and plotting C. elegans assays. bioRxiv.