CeSnAP (C. elegans Snapshot Analysis Platform)

We have created a ML-based algorithm, CeSnAP, paired with a rapid snapshot acquisition technique that serves as a simple and versatile workflow to quantify C. elegans behavioral phenotypes [1]. CeSnAP can be used for smart analysis of videos or snapshots upon training of a convolutional neural network (C-NN). The program maintains low data overhead, eliminates the need for user supervision, and can be utilized by investigators with no computational background, greatly accelerating efforts to perform high-throughput screens. 

Using CeSnAP, we performed high-throughput curling analysis of a total of 17,000 worms in order to identify drugs that ameliorate PD-like motor dysfunction in C. elegans. Our high-throughput automated curling assay can record, process, and analyze experimental data 40 times faster than the manual thrashing assay, and has allowed for high-throughput drug screening [1] and testing of disease mechanisms [2, 3]. The source code along with demo examples are available here.



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