Cheng Shi

Postdoctoral Researcher
Office Phone

PhD in Molecular Biology @ Princeton University (in progress) 
with Dr. Coleen Murphy
BS in Biology @ Fudan University, China (2009) 
with Dr. Xiaohui Wu


I graduated from Fudan University in China. As an undergraduate, I worked in the Institute of Developmental Biology and Molecular Medicine (IDM) at Fudan and studied the molecular mechanism of metabolic diseases and obesity in PB mutant mice. In the Murphy lab, I have been studying reproductive aging using C. elegans as the model. More recently, I became interested in exploring post-mating physiological and behavioral changes in worms and the interplay between the sexes both before and after mating. My hobbies include reading (especially Chinese history and poetry), collecting (coins, tickets, name tags, rejection letters, etc.) and tennis.