Jasmine Ashraf

Research Specialist
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BS in Biotechnology @ Rutgers University (2005) 
with Dr. Costantino Vetriani



I received my Bachelors from Rutgers University in Biotechnology. I did my undergraduate research in a deep-sea microbiology lab, under Costantino Vetriani. We collected and studied samples of thermophilic bacteria living near hydrothermal vents. These sampling efforts utilized DSV Alvin, a Deep Ocean research submersible, in which I was fortunately given the opportunity to dive in.

Current Research

Among the various projects I work on, one of my main focuses in lab has been exploring the role of the transcription factor, PQM-1. Initially, little was known about its roles and responsibilities. Utilizing ChIp-seq data along with various other experiments such as lifespans, developmental time courses, reproductive span assays, microarrays, etc. we now have a better understanding of PQM-1's purpose. Our recently published data have shown PQM-1 to be responsible for growth, development, and reproduction by regulating Class II genes through binding of the DAE (DAF-16 associated element). Now my focus has shifted to finding the human homolog for PQM-1 using tissue-culture based assays.


In my spare time I play soccer on a women’s team in the Garden State Soccer League. I also like to spend time at the beach surfing during the warmer months and working on my Jeep.