Jonathan St. Ange

Graduate Student
Office Phone

PhD in Molecular Biology at Princeton University (in Progress) with Dr. Coleen Murphy


BA in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with a minor in chemistry from Rutgers University New Brunswick (class of 2019) with Dr. Monica Driscoll 


My name is Jonathan St. Ange, and I grew up in North Brunswick, New Jersey. I attended Rutgers University New Brunswick for my undergraduate education where I was part of the inaugural class of the Honors College. During my Sophomore year, I joined Dr. Monica Driscoll's lab where I learned many skills and techniques and worked on several different projects. My interests in studying aging and its associated molecular processes as well as using C. elegans as a model system brought me to Dr. Murphy's lab in Princeton.


Outside of the lab there are many things I enjoy doing to unwind. I love playing sports outside such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and more. I often play the violin, and I have a whole book of Disney songs that are always fun to play. I really enjoy building computers for work and to play video games. Finally, after picking up baking senior year of college, I haven't stopped making (sometimes too many) cookies and cinnamon rolls for people.