Rebecca Moore

Graduate Student
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PhD in Molecular Biology @ Princeton University (in progress) 
with Dr. Coleen Murphy
BS/MS in Biology (Genetics) @ City College of New York, City University of New York (2014) 
with Dr. Shubha Govind
Investigating Innate Immune Signaling Cross-Talk in a Drosophila Tumor-Inflammation Model

My name is Rebecca Moore. I grew up in New York City, and attended the City College of New York for both my undergraduate education and masters. During my research as an undergraduate I developed a passion for genetics and promptly joined a classical fly genetics lab headed by Dr. Shubha Govind. It was with Dr. Govind that I explored my interests generally in genetics, and specifically with immunity. My undergraduate and masters research gave me the opportunity to understand how the fly responds to parasitic wasp infection. These interests followed me to Princeton. I am very interested in understanding host-pathogen interactions, in particular how the host is able to defend itself from infection specifically using genetics.

Outside of the lab I enjoy being outdoors and exploring. Growing up in NYC gave me the ultimate freedom to explore a huge city with tons of things to do, but ultimately I really like to hike, go to museums, and try new foods. I also like to volunteer and teach non-science oriented people how awesome science can be! I am a member of the Graduate Molecular Biology Outreach Program (GMOP) and volunteer frequently around New Jersey with the goal of exciting people of all ages about the work graduate students do in labs all around the country everyday. Most importantly, I have a huge heart for animals!

Publications List: 

Fonner, B.A., Tripet, B.P., Eilers, B.J., Stanisich, J., Sullivan-Springhetti, R.K., Moore, R., Liu, M., Lei, B., and Copié, V. Solution Structure and Molecular Determinants of Hemoglobin Binding of the First NEAT Domain of IsdB in Staphylococcus aureus. Biochemistry (2014) Dec 15; 53(24): 3922-3933.