CeAid (C. elegans Application for inputting data)

Assays performed on model organisms, including C. elegans, often require a large sample size and daily recording of data. To minimize the amount of time that the experimenter spends logging data, we developed CeAid (C. elegans Application for inputting data) to automate the data entry process [1]. Implementing…

CeSnAP (C. elegans Snapshot Analysis Platform)

We have created a ML-based algorithm, CeSnAP, paired with a rapid snapshot acquisition technique that serves as a simple and versatile workflow to quantify C. elegans behavioral phenotypes [1]. CeSnAP can be used for smart analysis of videos or snapshots upon training of a convolutional neural network (C-NN). The…

Learning & Memory

Here we describe methods to test C. elegans associative learning and short- and long-term associative memory. These population assays employ the worm's ability to chemotax toward volatile odorants, and to form positive associations upon pairing food with the chemoattractant butanone. Increasing the number of…

Mated Reproductive Span

For measuring the length of the reproductive span in mated C. elegans

Generate a population of Wild Type C. elegans hermaphrodites and males via heat shock and propagation. Sync a population of the strain to be tested (usually done via bleaching, although one can pick from a mixed population if necessary.) When utilizing the…
Protocol for transgenerational learned pathogen avoidance behavior assays in C. elegans

Rebecca S. Moore,1,3, Rachel Kaletsky,1,2.3,* and Coleen T. Murphy1,2,5**


1Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton NJ, USA, 08544

2LSI Genomics, Princeton University, Princeton NJ, USA, 08544

3Equal contribution

4Technical Contact


Reproductive Span Chip

A microfluidic device and automatic counting system for the study of C. elegans reproductive aging.

A Microfluidic Chip for Reproductive Span Measurement in C. elegans Method detailed in:

Li, S., Stone, H.A., and Murphy, C.T. A microfluidic device and automatic counting system for the study of C. elegans…

Tissue-specific Sequencing

For the separation, sorting, and sequencing of GFP labeled tissues in C. elegans for transcriptional profiling.

Method detailed in:

Kaletsky, R.†, Lakhina, V.†, Arey, R., Williams, A., Landis, J., Ashraf, J., and Murphy, C.T. The C. elegans adult neuronal IIS/FOXO transcriptome reveals adult phenotype regulators.…